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G3 reactive
firearm Target

g3 reactive target system

Ikarda Systems G3 reactive targets are a top tier firearm training system designed for a variety of application where situational awareness, shot placement and real-time feedback are emphasized. 

The G3 reactive target system promotes a more effective training experience by deploying a highly visual report immediately upon impact.  Whether sniper training or running close proximity drills, this target keeps you on your sights at nearly any distance. The G3 replaceable inserts contain a non-explosive, non toxic powder, designed to give between 300-400 consistent reaction before exhaustion, at which point, just simply swap them out for a new set and continue your trining (please dispose of responsibly).

G3 targets contain a replaceable head and center mass insert which represent a targets vitals. Both inserts are respective to the G3 chassis anatomy and will deploy a highly visible powder report immediately upon impact, indicating hit or miss. A single set of inserts can produce hundreds of consistent reactions before they are exhausted while the G3 chassis itself can endure between 4000- 5000 rounds of combined 9mm and 5.56. So make every shot count with instant feedback instead of analyzing your performance post exercise.

Whats in the box

Your G3 reactive target system comes fully equipped with:


- Your selected Chassis

- Head and center-mass inserts according to the color shown in selected chassis.

- Two part steel support stand.

- Two inner support plates.

- Matching ripstop bodybag bag.

- Complimentary microfiber towel   

Complete G3 series reactive target system
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