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The G3 reactive target inserts represent the targets vitals and are respective to the G3 chassis anatomy. The insert will deploy a highly visible, none toxic powder immediately upon impact.


G3 inserts are disposable and have been designed to deploy several hundred reactions before they are exhausted.


Threat and Non-threat inserts available in select colores. 


 Please, don't be that guy, dispose of responsibly.

G3 Reactive Target Inserts

$139.00 Regular Price
$97.30Sale Price
  • Reactive inserts have an environmentally responsible, none toxic powder element embedded within honeycomb orientated chambers which allow for a more consistent and pronounced visual signature.



    • Center-mass insert = 6.77 Lbs 
    • Head insert = 1.82 Lbs.


    Color of reactive element:

    • Threat : Blaze Orange
    • Non-Threat : High-Vis Green


    Insert longevity is base upon caliber of bullet and may vary depending on your specific application. Our tests have shown that on average, a set of inserts (Head and Centermass) can produce consistent reactions between 200-300 rounds of combined 9mm and 5.56 NATO

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