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Reactive inserts

G3 target inserts

Reactive inserts represent a targets vitals and are respective to the G3 chassis anatomy. The insert will deploy a highly visible powder immediately upon impact, indicating hit or miss. They are interchangeable with the entire G3 chassis system and have been designed to deploy several hundred reactions before they are exhausted. The environmentally responsible powder element within each insert is none-toxic and is not explosive.  (Please dispose of responsibly)


Insert longevity is base upon caliber of bullet and may vary depending on your specific application. Our tests have shown that on average, an insert set can maintain consistent reactions of approximately 300-400 rounds of combined 9mm and 5.56 NATO

Roach Insert thumbnail_1_edited.png

Roach center mass insert w/ Blaze orange element

Mantis insert thumbnail_1_edited_edited.png

Mantis center mass insert w/ Brilliant Green element

Dragonfly insert thumbnail_1_edited_edited_edited.png

Dragonfly center mass insert w/ Hot pink element

ikarda red insert thumbnail_1_edited_edited.png

Badger center mass insert w/ Ikarda red element

White powder.jpeg
  • Center-mass inserts contain the colored powder element as illustrated above.

  • All head inserts contain white powder element to contrast with both the environment and their center-mass counterpart.   

  • Insert powder element is nontoxic and 

  • environmentally responsible.

  • Inserts are sold as a set